9 Tips When Using Social Media for your Non Profit

Engaging people to take part in your charity cause requires intelligent marketing – just like marketing products. Believe it or not, it’s not enough that you’re encouraging them to do something worthwhile – it’s important that your approach is also well planned to get the most responses.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want your charity drive to go viral on social media.

Choose Short and Simple Hashtag

Studies show that short and simple hashtags work best when it comes to charity drives. You’d want a hashtag that’s easy to remember, relevant, and inspirational. Now, it requires lots of brainstorming sessions before you can settle on just the right hashtag. Don’t allow the first thing that pops in your mind to be it. Instead, mull it over, write different possibilities, and ask close friends about it before deciding on one. Ideally, the hashtag should be the type that makes it easy for people to figure out exactly what you want to do.

Infuse Humanity with Personal Stories

There’s nothing quite like stories to help the ball rolling. The primary drive of successful charities is by instigating empathy and sympathy in followers. Hence, make sure to include images and videos of personal stories of the people you want to help through the charity drive. Show viewers the before and after situation – so that they’d know exactly how they’d be affecting other people’s lives. 

Get Influencers Involved

It’s not enough that you get other influencers to join in – it’s important that you choose the right person to jump in. For example, if you’re starting a charity to help rescue dogs, you’d want to seek out pet Influencers on Instagram. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to find pet profiles on Instagram and with the right message, you can reach out to these accounts and get the help you need. This way, positive reactions are more likely because you’d be appealing to people who are already pet lovers. Using social media for your cause is perfect, and there are many ways to get free Instagram followers.

Make Reactions EASY

One important question to ask yourself when appealing through social media: how are people expected to help? Successful charities through social media should hit two goals: (1) they should instigate sympathy and (2) they should be easy. The second goal is important because the “ability” to make the donation should instantly follow the sympathy. You want followers to think: Oh, this charity is worthwhile. How do I make a donation? Oh, here it is. Just 5 minutes of my time to make a donation.

If your follower needs to spend hours in order to make that donation, it’s less likely that they’d actually do it. The post will probably be shared – but you’d want followers to share AND donate.

How do you do this? You can create an account that allows for a quick donation. Fortunately, electronic transfers are easy nowadays. Just make sure to provide multiple payment options so people can choose the one most convenient. Use a payment option that’s official or named specifically for the charity.

Increase Efforts on Local

Try to be more aggressive when it comes to local non-profits. The beauty of targeting the local benefactors is that they can do more than just send money. When it comes to charities that require a little bit of manpower, getting free helping hands matter just as much. Hence, if you want people to actually come over and commit towards the activity, make a point of creating a local hashtag. This works very well if you’re intent on distributing food towards the homeless, raising money through marathons, or simply engaging people to donate dog food to the local shelter.

Go Appeal to Businesses

Appeal to businesses for some help, especially if they’re relevant to the product/service you’re trying to raise charity for. Don’t put them in the spotlight however – ask them through a private message. If they agree, then go forward towards commending them through social media. If they don’t agree however, move on and try not to get angry about it. It’s important that you maintain politeness and professionalism when it comes to charity ventures.

Campaigns Before, During, and After Event Day

Most campaigners focus only before and during the event day. You’ll find however that “after” the event day is just as powerful if you want to get additional donations. This is especially true for local charity events. Why? Well, people who failed to show up during the local event will be doubly compelled to donate because they weren’t able to participate during that day.

Before the actual event is the momentum building stage. You post often on the right time using the right hashtag. During the event, you can start posting images of the event, making sure to go behind the scenes to show the people working hard towards a common goal. After the event – you post the happy faces of participants and remind everyone that it’s not too late to send in their help yet.

Set a Goal

Set a goal and be transparent about it. How much do you need and how many days do you have? A transparent goal makes it easier for people to anticipate what you need. If they can see that you’re still a bit farther from your goal – then they’re more likely to share or encourage friends to make a donation – even for just a few dollars at a time.

Be Honest, Transparent, and Grateful

Finally, don’t forget to constantly thank people for their love and support. You’d want to make them feel good and warm about the effort they’ve made toward your cause. It helps to be able to give a little bit back through freebies – provided it doesn’t slash too much of your main collection dedicated towards the charity. Keep in mind that this is a conversation, so react to what people say, engage in replies, and keep them updated about progress.

Of course, those are just some techniques that will help. Keep in mind that all through the campaign, your goal is to get people to sympathize and emphasize by keeping the humanity with each post.

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