How to Use Instagram to Get More Followers to Support Your Charitable Cause

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the leading social media platforms today. It is recognized for being among the fastest growing, most popular, and highly engaged social networks available around.

It started as a platform where you can share pictures. It has since evolved into a powerful medium for sharing personal and business stories, as well as for developing brand awareness, sharing company culture, and promoting products.

Nowadays, nonprofits are also leveraging Instagram for getting free followers to support their advocacies. The platform has become an effective medium for getting support, as well as soliciting donations for charities.

So, how do you get free Instagram followers to support your cause? Following are some tips that you can use.

Register your account as a business profile.

When you list your Instagram account as a business page, all your posts have a much wider reach, engagement, and impressions. You enjoy more perks. You can add “type of business category” and register your account as a nonprofit. When people come across your page, they immediately know that you are advocating a cause. 

Don’t forget to add your contact information and your website so people know exactly how to find out more about your cause.

Make your account public.

This sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of nonprofit groups tend to overlook this one essential step.

Double check your account. Go to your profile page. Look for the cog wheel at the upper right corner and click it. Scroll to the “Account Privacy” section. Turn off the “Private Account” option.

Having a public account ensures that prospective supporters are easily able to follow your account once they land on your page.

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